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Boar-Bristle Hair Brush

Boar-Bristle Hair Brush


The boar bristle brush is the perfect tool for maintaining shiny healthy hair. The benefits of a boar bristle brush include the decrease in frizz and breakage, hair growth, scalp stimulation and your natural oils being used to condition your hair.


Start with dry hair – brushing wet hair can cause breakage and doesn’t distribute the oils well. Detangle hair first – gently de-tangle your hair first using a wide-tooth comb or de-tangling brush. Brush from root to tip – Start at the root of the hair and work all the way down to the tip. This distributes the oils and creates shiny, bouncy locks. Brush in sections – First, start by brushing the back of the hair by bending over, then stand up and brush the hairline and split hair into sections, brushing each section.
Caring for your brush: Carefully remove hair with a wide tooth comb. Gently cleanse the brush with some shampoo and water. Rinse shampoo out of brush, but do not submerge the brush in water. Squeeze out excess water that might have gotten trapped in the rubber cushion. Lay brush on a towl with the bristles facing down to dry.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 11 x 3.5 x 2 in


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